WICO, seated in Pirmasens, Germany, is a specialist for textile coating and lamination.

Founded in 1991, WICO offers many years of know-how and professional service orientation in the field of textile coating and lamination. The company with about 25 employees can refer to a longstanding customer contact in different industry sectors. WICO focuses on a continuous, market-oriented and sustainable business development. This includes the gradual expansion and modernization of systems engineering.

WICO has got the specific experience as contract processer in the sector of textile coating and lamination. Customers appreciate our flexibility, adherence to delivery dates and our technical expertise even when it comes to difficult tasks. We hold tight cooperative relations to major companies from the textile-, shoe-, leather- and oil filter industry. Environmental awareness and a distinct sense of quality have highest priority. WICO is in best contact with suppliers of raw materials, providers of different finishing processes and distributors of textiles. We not only see ourselves as your commercial but also as your technological partner.

Gladly, we provide you with custom solutions – far beyond the usual.

Customers /Partners

WICO Textilbeschichtung und Kaschierung GmbH has excellent contacts to raw material suppliers, suppliers of other finishing processes (for example, knitting, weaving, fleece manufacturer, perforations, textile finishing) and traders due to its long-standing, close partnership relations.

Talk to us, we see ourselves not only as your commercial partner but also as your technological partner.

"WICO has developed very positively in recent years. As a supplier of shoe textiles in the 90s, we have also made the leap in other industries, such as filtration, construction and automotive. The successful introduction of ISO 9001 in 2015 significantly increased the quality of internal processes and structures. Highly qualified and motivated professionals in our departments work with dedication to constantly improving ourselves. The machinery is constantly being modernized. The next big challenge and opportunity will be the digitization of our production facilities as well as our entire order processing."

(Marcel Kettering, Managing Director)


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