Via our flatbed calendar lamination, materials are joined gently with each other by use of hotmelt webs or films. With evenly distributed pressure and temperature conditions, high-quality laminations can be realized. Work widths from 1 m to 1.60 m; smaller widths upon request. Basis of the hotmelt webs or films: modified EVA, CoPES, CoPA, TPU.


The thermoplastic hotmelt powder is scattered evenly and fixed on the surface by use of pressure and temperature. Like this, even temperature-sensitive materials can be coated in a gently way; also laminations possible; work widths from 1.20 m to max. 1,70 m. Base of the hotmelt adhesives: CoPA, CoPES, EVA, TPU, PE.


Coating of textiles with hotmelt adhesives. A variety of possible application grids and plain films can be applied. Lamination is possible. The thermoplastics melt from 60 ° C. Hotmelts with melting points up to 160 °C can be applied, widths up to 2.10 m. Base of hotmelt adhesives: CoPA, CoPES, EVA, PO, TPU.


Trimming and cutting of the coated and laminated products to the desired roll sizes; also includes an inspection. Errors get discarded and marked. Optionally, we implement a cutting of the edges. Optionally, we implement a cutting of the edges. During the roll up process, we can run in a PE- or silicone paper girder into the product. By use of our cutting machine, we can cut the textiles on desired bandwith.


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